Training - March 16th & 17th

Synergy 2019 training will take place on March 16th and 17th, the two days prior to the cruise.

TRAINING COURSE INFORMATION PDF – please view this PDF if you have registered for training. It includes important information about class requirements, locations, meals, etc.

March 16th Courses

RESTful APIs are the next evolution of web services which are coming to dominate the Internet. During this class you will learn how to use JSON in DataFlex. Then, we’ll build our own REST API’s using the latest features of DataFlex 19.1 and Mike’s comprehensive, new REST class library and see how to access the APIs using the new cJsonHttpTransfer class.

Instructors: Harm Wibier, Data Access Europe & Mike Peat, Unicorn Interglobal Ltd.

Full Day: March 16th, 0900 – 1700

Cost: $240

Included: Breakfast & Lunch

DataFlex can use COM (Component Object Model) objects for a long time. While it is not difficult to use COM in DataFlex applications, accessing modules such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook can be complex due to the structure of the products. In this hands on training, you learn how to access these products in general and we will practise writing a letter, replacing bookmarks, accessing Outlook’s addressbook and creating an Outlook e-mail with attachments.

Presenter: Vincent Oorsprong, Data Access Europe

Half Day: March 16th, 0800 – 1200

Cost: $120

Included: Breakfast

The initial conversion of DataFlex applications to SQL is easy and requires little to no changes to your application code, but it’s what you do with the power of the SQL environment once there that makes all the difference! Focusing primarily on the latest SQL capabilities in DataFlex 19, we’ll show you how to apply managed connections, SQL filters, runtime indexes, Embedded SQL, multitenancy options and more. We’ll also demonstrate some techniques for validating the results of the business processes in your applications as you refactor them to take advantage of the SQL environment.

Presenters: Stephen W. Meeley & Bob Cergol, Data Access Worldwide

Half Day: March 16th, 1300 – 1700

Cost: $120

Included: Lunch

March 17th Courses

This hands-on course will prepare you to use DataFlex Reports to create reports from a variety of data sources and integrate them with web applications. The course is built on 6 pre-defined example SQL-based reports and 1 RDS-based report using Microsoft’s AdventureWorks database. The real-world SQL-based reports use different SQL data-sources, SQL tables, a stored procedure and an SQL statement. The RDS-based report’s data-source is a web service. In addition to typical report formats, the example output includes a chart, a cross tab, a label and a sub-report.

Instructor: Vincent Oorsprong, Data Access Europe

Full Day: March 17th, 0900 – 1700

Cost: $240

Included: Breakfast & Lunch

One of the headlines used in conjunction with DataFlex 19.1 is “We’ve made the back button work!” While certainly eye-catching, that simple statement masks the real importance of these changes; new capabilities for browser history management and the framework to support deep linking in your web applications. In this course we’ll examine how to implement and manage these powerful features during all types of basic and advanced navigation.

Presenter: John van Houten, Data Access Worldwide

Half Day: March 17th, 0800 – 1200

Cost: $120

Included: Breakfast

The completion of a Web application is an exciting milestone, but now come the next set questions: Should I deploy in the cloud? How big a server? Is my application secure? How do I manage the process pool? The list of decisions can seem a bit daunting. In this course we’ll cover all the aspects of Web application deployment “from soup to nuts”, including the deployment of SQL and setting up various SPLF configurations – taking advantage of all the latest capabilities of DataFlex 19!

Presenter: Stephen W. Meeley, Data Access Worldwide

Half Day: March 17th, 1300 – 1700

Cost: $120

Included: Lunch


Training for Synergy 2019 will take place at the Courtyard Miami Airport hotel. Transportation to the Port of Miami from the hotel will be included for those staying at the hotel.

Room cost: $159+tax/night USD based on single/double occupancy

Accommodation arrangements for the training hotel will be made as part of the registration for Synergy 2019.

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