The Synergy 2019 Agenda is still a work in progress. Below you will find many of the presentations that will be given. Stay tuned, more to come!

Welcome to Synergy 2019!

PRESENTER: Chip Casanave, Data Access Worldwide

The next generation DataFlex is in the making, which will include support for 64-bit and Unicode. What will change, and how will changes affect the work for DataFlex developers? Let’s have a peek to see what the project entails, and what you can expect.

PRESENTER: Harm Wibier, Data Access Europe BV

Join us for a closer look at the latest release of DataFlex. The new capabilities of DataFlex 19.1 touch every area of the product; from the installation experience to more streamlined application deployment, and everything in between. We’ll provide an overview of all the changes you can use to take your Web, Windows and service-based applications to the next level.

PRESENTER: Stephen W. Meeley, Data Access Worldwide

What kind of changes are going to be needed to get your applications ready for 64-bit and Unicode? Are your applications using the latest techniques and coding standards? What will be your strategy for moving your applications forward? We have the answers you need to future-proof your applications and will demonstrate how the new compiler warnings can be used to get you there with minimal effort.

PRESENTER: Stephen W. Meeley, Data Access Worldwide

How one long-time (3+ decades) DataFlex programmer who was reluctant and skeptical about migrating from the embedded database to an SQL database, became an enthusiastic believer that every DataFlex developer should do just that! This session will explore the history of experiences that triggered that change of heart and demonstrate various real-world examples, from simple to complex, of how this developer leveraged the power of SQL with DataFlex applications.

PRESENTER: Bob Cergol, Data Access Worldwide

Vincent will present all of the changes made in the recent versions of DataFlex Reports. The main new features are cross tabs, edit in preview and the use of a specific locale but there is more to show so don’t miss this presentation..that developers can easily take advantage of so don’t miss this presentation!

PRESENTER: Vincent Oorsprong, Data Access Europe BV

This new feature of the Web Application Server allows you to expose flexible API’s into your applications. It is the basis for REST services and removes the necessity to enable classic ASP for Web Framework applications. Learn how it works and how you can use it!

PRESENTER: Harm Wibier, Data Access Europe BV

The DataFlex Reports visual report designer and its wizards are getting better and better. In this presentation Marco will share how to use this tool effectively in order to create affordable and great looking reports. He will present some tips and tricks, share his subclass and discuss some features like its automated document archive.

PRESENTER: Marco Kuipers, 28IT

DataFlex Studio offers all you need to develop powerful applications. This audience-interactive session will help us find out what the needs of DataFlex programmers are outside of the current Studio’s toolbox. We will share some thoughts and ideas – feel free to bring your own wish list for Synergy!

PRESENTER: Nick Nikijuluw, Data Access Europe BV

The DataFlex Graphics Library was first introduced with DataFlex 14. In this presentation we introduce you to a new update that’s available now and where/how to use it. The graphics library can now be used in Windows GUI and Web applications and supports BLOB and copy/paste.

PRESENTER: Vincent Oorsprong, Data Access Europe BV

The DataFlex WebApp Framework has matured into a versatile platform. Lets take a step back and look at how it can be used to build modern powerful web applications. Get ready for a fast paced session that will discuss the latest controls with the latest theme and show off the simplicity of the web designer.

PRESENTER: Harm Wibier, Data Access Europe BV

New in DataFlex 19.1 are deep links and history management support. This comes together with improvements into the navigation system for drill-down applications. John will explain how to migrate your existing applications.

PRESENTER: John van Houten, Data Access Worldwide

Adding security and scalability to your web application deployments using SPLF server configurations is easier than ever. Come see how the new features of DataFlex 19.1 streamline the process.

PRESENTER: Stephen W. Meeley, Data Access Worldwide

Strong security is essential for web applications in today’s world. João will introduce the DataFlex Security Library and other web app security best practices and show you how to apply them in several application scenarios and examples.

PRESENTER: João Maurício Rinardo, Data Access Latin America

DataFlex can handle multiple sets of data in a single application such as a SaaS web application where different clients cannot be allowed to access another’s data. In this presentation we will show you how to make your application a multi-tenancy application and give you tips to make it successful.

PRESENTER: Vincent Oorsprong, Data Access Europe BV

RESTful APIs are a hot topic these days – applications and their developers benefit from developong them – we’ll explain why. It has been possible to create REST APIs in earlier versions of DataFlex; the new cWebHttpHandler class in DataFlex 19.1 makes doing this much simpler and more efficient especially when using a library of classes that Mike has built and published. He will give an overview of REST and show you how a basic API can be developed using his library in just a few minutes.

PRESENTER: Mike Peat, Unicorn Interglobal

At the age of 40+ years, Data Access Worldwide has stood the test of time. Not without challenges, ups and downs. But it has proven a durable company, preserving its corporate-, product- and community’s DNA in decades of extreme and extremely rapidly occurring changes. Within the next decade, we will be hitting the 50-year mark… How?

PRESENTER: Nick Nikijuluw, Data Access Europe BV